Armature Plate

9 Design Cores Of Stamping Die

1. Obtain the necessary information According to the relevant data, the co-construction stamping process is analyzed, and the workpiece is subject to process audit and standardization audit. 1) Obtain product parts drawings indicating specific technical requirements. Understand the shape, size and accuracy requirements of the workpiece. The dimensions (size and location) of critical holes, critical…

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External Protective Shield

Advantages of Balford Metal box stamping

What are the advantages of aluminum alloy casing? With the improvement of the level of science and technology, many electronic product casings used in our lives now are aluminum alloy casings. The aluminum alloy shell is a product obtained by extruding aluminum profiles through metal stamping and surface treatment. It has high flexibility and can…

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Deep Drawn Aluminum Battery Housing

Which stamping die parts manufacturer to look for?

When choosing a stamping die, various factors should be considered comprehensively. Here to share some small experiences, I hope to help you. 1. Commonly used materials for stamping the most commonly used materials in stamping production are metal materials (including ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals), but sometimes non-metallic materials are also used. Among them, ferrous…

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Ultra Deep Drawing Press Processing

What are the materials of metal parts

In the manufacturing industry, metal workpieces are processed by machine tools to achieve ideal size workpieces. These processed metal parts can be used in many scenarios, such as aerospace, automobile, generator and mechanical equipment. However, according to different application scenarios, there are many types of metals. This article will mainly introduce the types of metal…

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