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4Ways for Deep drawing tooling clearance determination Balford has passed ISO9001 in 2017. We has over ten years experience on manufacturing motor housing, solenoid valve housing and sensor housing, focused on auto parts.Now Balford enter into solenoid valve housings and sensor housings industry that are mainly based on difficult deep drawing process. We employ documented procedures for every step in the manufacturing process from initial program…

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Metal stamping suppliers(Balford Stamping)

Metal stamping suppliers in 2022 Precision stamping parts processing applications are very wide, precision connector terminals, relay shrapnel, micro-motor shrapnel, IC lead frames, automotive terminals, home appliance precision shrapnel, intelligent electronic components, medical terminals, and other consumer electronic parts industries. The metal precision metal processing mainly uses the pressure of the punching machine, and the…

Ultra Deep Drawing Press Processing

Type of machine parts processing

Machining of mechanical parts refers to the technical method of machining parts based on parts processing and processing objects. my country started the research on mechanical parts processing in the 1970s and developed it after 1980. Compared with the types, shapes and processing methods of processing objects, mechanical parts manufacturing is a comprehensive and highly…

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Problems in the production of aluminum housing

Problems in the production of aluminum alloy housings With the highly stable development of industrialization to modernization, the demand for energy-saving and environmentally friendly products is increasing day by day. Due to the characteristics of low density, low melting point, good processing performance, excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, aluminum alloy is the preferred material…

Fuel Metering Unit Vavle Housing

Technical measures to reduce processing deformation of aluminum parts

Aluminum is the most widely used and widely used metal material in non-ferrous metals, and its scope of application is constantly expanding. According to statistics, there are more than 7 million aluminum products. Construction, decoration, transportation, aerospace and many other industries have aluminum alloy parts. The advantages and characteristics of aluminum are as follows Low…

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5 Processes of precision metal parts processing

Five major processes of precision metal parts processing Precision mechanical parts processing Generally, the parts of precision machinery and equipment are processed and produced, which requires very high precision. Therefore, in addition to understanding the specific requirements of precision machinery parts processing for materials and the common skills of precision machinery parts processing, we should…