China Balford Stampings has been producing precision deep draw metal stamping components for customers in a wide range of industries for the past fifteen years.
Following our ability to deliver high-quality parts, a device thermostat manufacturer came to us for precision, deep-drawn metal stamping of this 305 stainless steel part. Prior to this, this part was produced by cutting and forming tubes and then welding the tip shut. Our high-speed transfer press technology was used to produce “complete to print” parts, esthetically superior, and eliminate any quality issues with “leak” parts. 3.1. Afterwards, the parts are degreased and burned, ready to assemble. We ensured the stainless steel tube met tolerances of 0.05mm and utilized a gage block.
Besides custom metal stamping with deep draw, our company also provides value added services, which allows us to accelerate manufacturing start to finish. It ensures that each aspect of the project such as design engineering, deburring, slotting, and heat treatment is the best it can be.
Further information on this precision metal stamping project drawn at depth can be found at the table below or directly contacted.
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