Fuel Metering Unit Vavle Housing

Fuel metering unit vavle housing

1. The Fuel metering unit vavle housing is a deep drawing product. It is a dt4e sheet coil, blanking, punching, drawing, deep drawing, redrawing, and punching manufacturing process.

2. Application: Bosch high pressure common rail fuel metering valve housing

3. Stamping material: dt4e

4. Surface finish: Zinc Nickel plating

5. Dimensions: Outer diameter 31.5 inner diameter 27.5, height 45. In addition, the dimensions can be customized according to your requirements. If you have similar parts, please contact me. (shawn@xies7.sg-host.com)

6. Quality comes from details, confidence comes from customers’ evaluation, All are devoted to the pursuit of quality by Balford Team.

The frame Solenoid valve is mainly used for the control of fluid, gas or liquid in the traction machine, metal processing machine and other machines. The frame Solenoid valve is made of zinc die-casting with good mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance, which can be widely used in various types of industries. The frame Solenoid valve is equipped with a solenoid valve and an actuator, which can be opened or closed by controlling the voltage to switch on or off.


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