Hard Tooling For Stamping Parts

For the editors in the industry and the metal stamping parts processing industry, some common defects in die stamping are often seen, and the successful processing of materials into metal stamping parts requires three elements: stamping process, tooling and stamping equipment, The editor of China Balford will discuss with you the problems of excessive burrs, deformation, surface scratches, inconsistencies in size, and few holes in these hardware processing processes such as blanking, punching and trimming:

Metal stamping parts

Due to excessive burrs, inappropriate punch gap, cutting edge wear, good guiding accuracy, different punch positions, etc., the metal stamping parts are deformed: the hole distance is too small, the pressure plate and the die surface are improperly matched, and the gap is too large.

Reasons for scratches on the surface of metal stamping parts: The surface of the sheet is scratched during operation, and it is improperly placed during operation, resulting in scratches on the surface. The reasons for the missing holes are: on the one hand, it may be that the process is omitted or the punch is not broken in place.

Metal stamping parts are widely used in life. As a Balford engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the stamping industry, he is very familiar with tooling design and production, and he is more skilled in assembling toolings. What problems will our masters pay attention to when assembling toolings? They also made a few small suggestions. Let’s learn together.

When assembling the die for metal stamping parts, try to tighten the screws from the front and hit the pins such as guide posts and guide bushes, and try to meet this requirement when designing. In this way, the assembly and disassembly of the tooling will be more convenient, and the workload will be greatly reduced.

If the punch and die of the toolings are heavy and large in size, the screw holes of the hook should be drilled to facilitate the fitter to disassemble and assemble the tooling.

When assembling the metal stamping die, pay attention to the direction, and make the die assembly direction and sign if necessary.

When assembling the guide post and guide sleeve of the tooling, pay attention to prevent reverse installation.