About Balford

Balford has passed ISO9001 in 2017. We has over ten years experience on manufacturing motor, solenoid valve and bearing housing, focused on auto parts.Now Balford  enter into solenoid valves and bearings industry that are mainly based on difficult deep drawing process.

Our Process

Balford manages the complete product cycle: research and development, product design, tool design and manufacturing, and assembly and sale of the completed products. This allows Balford to have a superior control of quality and cost. Balford produces 80 percent of all solenoid valve and bearing components itself.

Quality Control

The key materials are from the OEM supplier, we have the strict quality inspection process, the testing of the physical properties of the incoming material, and the analysis of chemical characteristics, must meet all technical requirements in order to be qualified. In the manufacturing process,

Deep Drawing Process

Balford has been providing difficult deep drawing parts to the world.

progressive assembly

Efficient body identification and just in time/just in sequence assembly increase production quality.

Tooling making

TOOLING MAKING Balford manufactures and supplies several types of production tooling including molds, fixtures and jigs for outsourcing factory to product corresponding parts.